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IWB Front Desk has all the features you need to manage your hotel, hostel, or bed & breakast.

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Powerful, yet simple, IWBFrontDesk is a full-featured property management system. Manage your guest reservations, calendar, reporting, communications and more. With an easy to use interface, you'll be managing your front desk more efficiently within just days.

IWBFrontDesk is significantly cheaper than many popular property management systems (front desk software).  Compare today.
IWBFrontDesk is significantly cheaper than many popular property management systems (front desk software).  Compare today.
IWB Front Desk is a competely online solution. This means that you never have to install software on your computer. You never have to worry about software updates or backups. All your data is securely available online from any computer with an internet connection.

   Feature List
Calendar Management

Easy and intuitive calendar management. This is one of the main reasons that our users switch from other providers.
  • Weekly view
  • Monthly view
  • Annual view
  • Rooms by year
  • Navigation: Next, Previous, Today, or select specific date
Reservations And Scheduling

The core capability of managing reservations is now more efficient than ever. Several methods are provided for creating bookings and managing your availability.
  • Click function from Calendar Views
  • Click function from Guest View
  • Click function from Availability search
  • Manually entered
  • Uploaded from interfaces (via web service)
  • Cancellations (customized default fee setting)
  • Modification of reservation dates or length of stay
  • Booking notes
  • Split bookings (allows for group reservations, then split at arrival)
  • Full search functionality
  • Customizable Booking Fields
  • Notation for referral agencies (when commissions are to be paid)
  • Visual site map of your property
  • Hand-held access
Prices And Room Information

The core capability of managing reservations is now more efficient than ever. Several methods are provided for creating bookings and managing your availability.
  • Set default prices, including regular, weekend, weekly, and monthly
  • Set high and low seasons
  • Customizable prices for specific periods, holidays, etc.
  • Override default prices at any time
  • Block rooms and dates
  • Specify acceptable payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.)
  • Taxes applied to prices (enable/disable)
  • Add or edit rooms
  • Upload photos
  • Customize display order of rooms
  • Enable or disable web reservations and rerports by room type

Stay informed about new and upcoming reservations. Reminders help you stay in contact with your customers. Even learn about new system features.
  • Today's Arrivals/Departures
  • Deposit reminders
  • Confirmation reminders
  • Thank you reminders
  • Expiring gift certificate reminders
  • Interface synchronization reminders
  • Gift certificate requests
  • Incoming online bookings
  • New guest book entries
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds
  • News about new features of IWBFrontDesk
Booking Special Events

This unique functionality enables you to price and book special events and activities for your customers.
  • One-time or recurring events
  • Track customers and payments for events
  • Default price and date overrides
  • Default maximum quantity of people and date overrides
  • Integrate booking of events into your own website
Customer Management And Billing

Manage all your customer billing functions from one interface. Specify and calculate customer payments and provide receipts. Track and analyze customer revenues.
  • Create and modify individual customer records
  • Specify notes on each customer's account
  • Specify payment methods on each customer's account
  • Full customer search functionality
  • Provide and print customer receipts
  • Customizable customer fields
  • Customizable deposit policy
  • Add or remove fees for additional products and services sold
  • Add or remove discounts
  • Apply gift certificates
  • Display a world map of all your customers
  • Display a world map of customer bookings in the last 30 days, etc.
  • PayPal - Use "Website Payments Pro" to deposit funds directly into your PayPal account
Accounting And Expense Management

Track and analyze your expenses. Export your data to popular accounting programs.
  • Customize your own expense types
  • Customize your own expense accounts
  • Detailed tracking of expenses
  • Identify tax deductible expenses, and calculate taxes
  • Export data to QuickBooks
  • Export data to Simply Accounting
  • Export data to MYOB

Enjoy an advanced series of reporting tools. Get the information you need to manage your business and analyze your profits. Analyze your property's performance as well as customer trends.
  • Sales reports
  • Reservation reports
  • Reservation lead time
  • Length of stay
  • Occupancy rates
  • Payments received
  • Expense reports
  • Taxed reports (paid and deductible taxes)
  • Taxes collected
  • Balances owed
  • Commissions paid and referrals
  • Sales and expense comparison reports by date
  • What-if scenarios
  • Gift certificate reports
  • Sales projections
  • Timeline of debits and credits
  • Historical bar graphs and pie charts of sales, expenses, occupancy, and commissions paid
  • Demographics - Sales and occupancy by customer region
  • Demographics - Repeat guests
  • Demographics - Guests with long stays
  • Report of bookable tour operator products
Communications And Messaging

Keep in touch with your customers. Advertise to your growing customer database. Send emails to distribution lists or individual customers.
  • Send confirmation and thank you emails
  • Create distribution lists (with unsubscribe capability)
  • Export address book and distribution lists to Outlook, etc.
  • Full control over formatting of emails
  • Create and send pre-formatted emails
  • Advertise with gift certificates
Website Integration

Provide valuable features directly on your website. Our Booking Engine enables visitors to book instantly on your website.
  • Integrate with IWB's Booking Engine for your website, Learn more
  • Mini-calendar (1 or 2 weeks at a glance)
  • Gift Certificate Requests
  • Guestbook (View or submit)
  • Display a map of your property location
  • Display a global map of cities where your customers live
  • Special events
  • Contact form

Interface with external services. IWB Channel Manager updates your calendar simultaneously on external booking sites like Booking.com, Expedia, HostelWorld, Hotels.com, and more than 150 others.

  • IWB Channel Manager connects your calendar to more than 150+ external booking channels, Learn more
  • Google Calendar
  • 30 Boxes

Enhance your offerings with bundled packages. Bundle internal and external services.
  • Define businesses and products to be bundled
  • Track commissions payable to you by businesses
  • Specify and bill charges by businesses to you (add your own commission)
  • Add packages to bookings

Include and manage a guestbook on your website.
  • Include a guestbook on your website
  • Manage entries to the guestbook
  • Review and hide guestbook entries

Configuration is quick with our advanced administrative tools. Multi-user access and social media are supported.
  • Multiple users
  • Manager and read-only access
  • Requests for additional features are supported, when possible
  • Password changes and resets
  • Update email address
  • Show geography-specific contacts, and add your own
  • Upload historical booking and customer data
  • Google Analytics supported
  • Social media (Google Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook)

You can trust that your customer and business information is secure. We employ the latest standard of security available to protect your information.
  • SSL-enabled website with high-grade encryption
  • Database encryption
  • Daily automatic backup of all property and customer data
  • Strict security policies, ensuring confidentiality of property, customer, and reservation data

Completely online solution with daily backups. Software upgrades are automatic and transparent. Your information is secure, and you never need to install or update software on your computer.
  • Fully online solution
  • Upgrades are automatic, never download software
  • Cross-browser compliant
  • Tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Flock, Avant

Property Management System

IWBFrontDesk offers all the features you need from a Property Management System (PMS). Suitable for Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, and more.

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IWBFrontDesk has all the features you need to manage your front desk. View the full list of property management system features